miércoles, 30 de mayo de 2018

Business first...

  • Patent law concerns the protection of mental creations such as inventions. Patentable creations included zippers, drugs, Velcro, even the various Ronco devices sold on late night infomercials.
  • Copyright law gives protection to the creations of authors, composers, artists and computer programmers, among others, and covers books, music, speeches, magazines, newspapers, films, plays, songs, art, software, websites, and more.
  • Trade secret law protects confidential business information such as recipes, manufacturing processes, magic tricks, and medical and perfume formulations.
  • Trademark law protects brand names, designs, logos, sounds and so forth that are associated with certain products or services. For instance, the name "Xerox" refers to a brand of photocopiers, the name "Blockbuster" is a trade name for a video rental service, and the design of an apple used by the Apple computer brand is a logo, all of which are protected by trademark law.

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